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Your Outer World:

It is said that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and every time we make a significant shift in our outer world, something Will materialize! Let's work together! 

We are inviting you to BE VULNERABLE. Invite Gina into your home or office and let her share gifts with you. Switching up some aspects of/in your space can open up for greater alignment in a number of ways. This area of creative external transformation- to get you lined up with your goals- is Gina's specialty. Receive a complimentary foundational consultation (that's right- no strings attached!- and then, decide if you want to work further with Gina on getting that external world to support the workings of your inner vehicle) by clicking right HERE.


This is the first step in your time with Gina. She will come to the space that is requiring a shift in energy, take a read on the space, and make recommendations from there. 


Single Space Consult

This is a time when Gina will come, assess, and begin work on the space with you right away. 


Full Home/Business Consult

You are ready for a re-do! Let's go to work shifting the energy of your entire home or business. Reboot, refresh, rewire! 


Energy Clearing/Redesign

This is perfect if a specific area needs cleansed or shifted. Reach out to Gina for specific inquiries by clicking right here

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