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Functional Health Strategies Materializes!

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The functional medicine practice I am cultivating, as the hands and feet of our gracious Creator, is a gift that is just now emerging. The moments have been building to a birthing point, when this world needs functional medicine and nutrition, more than ever. Specialists are coming out, and the specific programs I offer may not necessarily work for everyone. We will refine communication with our cells, along the journey, to arrive in clarity as often as possible. From this place of clarity, we continue forward together, or choose another path for growth/expansion. From the first simple cleanse (energy experiment) I embarked upon in 2007, I have been ASTOUNDED by the miracles of the human body. I can wait no longer to lead in generating support for deepening our relationships with the physical vessels that carry us, and the abomination of this profound miracle of the human body has left me in shock for long enough. Working in harmony with the neurological system, I can thank that system for its response to the stress/chaos in this world and current 'health care system'. It is an empowering journey, to bring our bodies into their optimal function.

Life is worth feeling good!

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this information is something I don't really want to put a pricetag to, so, if there are genuine pressing questions that I may be able to offer guidance to some clarity around, please just reach out. Email me and let's connect. This world can offer us some wild rides. In the past, I have provided a trade list (things I was wishing for, in exchange for sharing wisdom and support around eating/detoxing/clean eating), and this has worked in some instances. Currently, I am in a practical place, as a single mother who is the sole provider for my child, battling these experiences of imbalanced compromise and responsibility, and I offer my initial screening for $55. I am going to invest hours of my time to affect your health for, potentially, the rest of your life. With YOU in the driver seat. It's a pretty sweet deal, I know. YOU ARE WORTH IT. HUMANITY is worth it. The more humans we have out here taking care of ourselves and spreading the word about how to bring our bodies into balance, the better this world will be. I know about failing. I haven’t been shy about sharing my failures, either, so, if you’ve been around for a while. 3) I’m here to offer THIS-SHIT-IS-REAL support in transitioning to optimal eating for where you are RIGHT NOW. Functional is called so because we address that every body is in a unique stage of ability and/or learning.

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