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How I Arrived Here

My goal is embracing the journey

Hello, lovely!


Before we move forward, I must reiterate that the story my character is living into (and out of) on earth is ever-changing, and even though I do my best to keep things current, by the time you read this, some of this information might be of varied accuracy.


You see, this is one of the greatest gifts I came here to highlight: the ability to reinvent One's Self and those around us. It takes some effort and focus, yet, when we tap into the human design, we will find several mysterious areas of potential that are truly astounding. Infinite infinities, proven in science, reveal infinite possibilities for us, here, NOW, on earth.


Unless you somehow came across me or my page some random way, you know I am here to support us all in exploring human potential and this idea of self mastery. I do this through personalized energy experiments, solid support through #365daysrawvegan as a purifying and connecting process, through distributing the most bioavailable mineral and c60 supplements, through offering curriculum in schools, meal prep, catering socially-responsible and empowering events creating positive ripples in society, through facilitating a variety of yoga classes around the world, through supporting mommas postpartum, and , last but certainly not least, further cultivating a global culture of sharing tea. 


We explore our own source of potential in human form by co-creating templates for "energy experiments", which are personalized guidelines for a set journey with prescribed, yet unattached, outcomes. We enhance these experiments with yoga, raw/vegan/nutrient-dense culinary choices, and curiosity. We go on a journey into the microcosm of the body and are astounded at the miracles that begin unfolding in the world that surrounds us. The awareness of our emotional vitality strengthens as we expand our understanding of energy and take an observer point-of-view as we reflect upon events and circumstances we experience.

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while embodying awareness... 

...awareness of the Inner Guru that is unique to each of us, while also curiously discovering the innate familiarity and connection within the human design... awareness of the imagination envisioning realities to be co-created through collective dreaming.

I AM here to offer an authentic reflection for support through transitions of transformation, which are constantly happening, whether on subtle or bold levels. I especially resonate working with children ages 8-15 and entrepreneurs following a vision/mission/calling, creating an opportunity for more empowerment in exploring personal motivations for why we are here; to truly expand the space for considerations affecting the ways we perceive life and how we choose to show up. 


We work together to understand more of our 'BE' side while supporting our 'DO' side, transforming suffering, destruction, and separation while restoring through diversity celebration and collaboration.

Specialties include: Energy Experiments with Transitional Eating/ Raw Vegan, High Vibe Culinary Arts, Tea Blends/Adapto-Chai, Complete Yoga curriculum for youth, Birth-Authority-Back-to-Mamas Advocate, Trauma Ally/Empathic Witness, Conscious (and Healing) Transition/Performance Blogger, Mother, NeoChristian Songstress, Devotee to TRUTH, Child of Heaven on Earth. 

Feel like we have some gifts to share with One another?? Reach out right HERE!

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.  -- Einstein


It can feel like such a long road for such a tiny slice of existence. Remember! "What is more alone, more magnificently alone and sovereign than GOD" ~ Hafiz


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